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Child custody is one of the most contested and often complicated issues that can arise in a divorce proceeding. Issues relating to custody and visitation can also arise between unmarried parents and in legal separations. It is highly advisable that you consult a knowledgeable Harris County TX child custody attorney who has the necessary experience to address your concerns and guide you in the right direction.

At Sherry D. Tavel Attorney at Law, our goal is to answer all of your questions and help you focus on what will be best for your children. Our Harris County child custody lawyer takes into consideration your family’s unique dynamics and how a custody arrangement can affect their physical and emotional well-being.

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Deciding the Right Custody Plan for Your Family

In Texas, child custody is granted in the form of a joint managing conservatorship (joint custody) or a sole managing conservatorship (sole custody). Custody plans must take into consideration a wide range of factors. An attorney can help walk you through the details and negotiate a fair solution.

When creating custody plans, parents should address issues such as:

  • Who will get custody of your children
  • Where the child will live
  • How the child will travel between households
  • How the child will spend time during the breaks
  • How parents should communicate regarding the child
  • Educational, medical, and other decisions on the child’s upbringing

Parents are encouraged to cooperate as much as possible to decide on an arrangement that works for them. If not, a judge will be responsible for making the final decision.

Handling Complex Child Custody Issues in Harris County, TX

If you are dealing with a complex case that requires extra attention, have no fear. Our child custody lawyer in Montgomery County and Harris County, TX has more than 30 years of experience and is known for the level of care for our clients. Even if you are involved in a contentious divorce or are attempting to modify an existing child custody order, we can help.

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