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An individual who has become incapacitated and unable to make sound decisions about their financial decisions or care will likely need to be appointed a guardian who can help make those decisions for them. Whether you are being appointed guardian or requesting guardianship, you will need to go through the courts for approval.

If you have been appointed a guardian or need legal assistance seeking guardianship over a loved one, Sherry D. Tavel Attorney at Law can help. Our Harris County family law attorney knows that obtaining guardianship is a complex matter and each case should be handled in a unique manner.

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How to Establish Guardianship in Harris County

Navigating the various ins and outs of guardianship can be confusing. Sometimes they can be voluntary and other times they can be involuntary, such as after a person becomes suddenly disabled or when a minor child is not receiving care from his or her parents.

In order to establish the guardianship, a petition must be filed with the probate court. You must have the necessary evidence to illustrate the need for guardianship, such as a letter from their physician. The court works to act in the individual's best interest and we are here to help you ensure they have all of the necessary information to protect your rights.

We can help you understand every aspect of guardianship, including the responsibilities of the guardian:

  • Initiate lawsuits for the minor or ward
  • Apply for public housing for the minor or ward
  • Provide necessities for the minor or ward
  • Ensuring the dependant has proper shelter

With more than 30 years of legal experience, Sherry D. Tavel Attorney at Law can guide you through the legal system and advocate for you.

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