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This law firm is a general law practice.  Ms. Tavel handles various types of law cases, however, there are a few areas that this firm will not handle.  Please call or come by and discuss the case with the attorney to see if this is an area of her practice and if not, she can refer to you someone who does handle your situation. 

  Real Estate Law


Our firm handles most types of real estate transactions. 

   Sherry D. Tavel is Board Certified in Residential Real Estate by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of Texas and is the former owner of Chicago Title Company in Deer Park, Texas.  She holds a Texas Real Estate Broker's License.

    Bring all of your real estate needs to our firm for competent representa-tion.  Some real estate appointments have an initial fee.  Call for an appointment.   







Family Law

        My firm represents clients in Harris, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Polk  and surrounding counties in Texas regarding Family law issues, including Divorce, Child Custody, Adoptions, Property Division, Adoption, Modifying Child Support or Custody, Contempt, Gradparents access, Paternity and much more.

My firm has more than twenty-four years experience in the family law area.  I am a former Managing Attorney for the Texas Attorney General.  We will be glad to meet with you.     The Family Law consultation fee is free  and we can evaluate your case and needs.   




​           Tickets


​Fact: The best way to fight a traffic charge is to hire a  lawyer.  Without a proper defense, the consequences can be very serious, including assignment of points against your license, annual surcharges, high fines, loss or suspension of your license, or increased future insurance costs.  Consult an attorney soon.


       This firm can handle your case without letting you get lost in the legal system. There are  legal details that can mean the difference between having a permanent stain on your record.  Our office may be able to help you.  On traffic tickets, except for trial, we can go to court for you without you missing work.  Often, we can negotiate an acceptable resolution without going to trial.  So, if you have gotten a ticket, call 281-354-8156 or  email us, & let us help save you some time and money.

Got a ticket?
What you do now can affect your insurance rates!! 






      Where an individual is unable to make routine decisions as a result of being disabled through accident or illness, or is otherwise mentally incapable, guardianship may be the best way to care for your loved one. In Texas, applications for guardianship are filed with the probate court, or any court which handles probate matters. To be appointed guardian of an adult, one starts the process with an application which is accompanied by a letter from a physician giving information concerning the condition of the individual which makes a guardianship necessary.   The Court will appoint an attorney to represent and protect the individual's legal rights throughout the proceedings.  A guardianship attorney with this firm is fully familiar with the system and has helped many families achieve peace of mind concerning the welfare of a family member.  Guardianship matters can be addressed knowledgeably for clients throughout Texas. 

​     Obtaining guardianship over another individual is a complex matter.  Each case is unique.  A guardian must meet the courts' requirements, which includes posting a bond and taking an oath. The requirements for a guardian of the estate are much greater than for a guardian of the person. Call the Tavel Law Offices for a consultation with a guardianship law lawyer who will answer your questions and help you to arrive at the best solution for your loved one.






Affordable Estate
Planning Package
For just $275.00 per person, our firm will prepare the following estate planning documents:

​1) Simple Will ($195 by itself)     

2) Directive to Physician

​3) Durable Power of Attorney

​4) Power of Attorney for Health Care

​5) HIPPA Release Forms     

 The firm does not do complex estate planning and the Will included in this package is a simple will. There will be additional charges for preparing a complex or unique will.



DIvorce Attorney
Guardianship attorney
Real Estate law
Probate attorney

Corporate And Business

   Company Formations Texas

          While starting a business is an exciting endeavor, it can also be stressful and even disastrous if you a do not know the legal ramifications for each type of business formation. It is highly advisable you hire an experienced business law lawyer to help you determine your legal needs and priorities and figure out which type of ownership structure is best for you. Every state has different laws governing businesses and Texas is no different with how complicated the process can be. The most common types of businesses formed are: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership (LLP), limited liability corporation (LLC), corporation, non-profit, and cooperative. For many new businesses, whether just starting small, or if you intend to remain small, the best and simplest choices are sole proprietorship and partnership, (if there will be more than one owner).

          A simple partnership (between one or more people) or sole proprietorship may be the best choice if there is not a large risk of liability or being sued and requires no filing of papers or registering with the state. The business starts when you start it and the taxes are aligned with the owner's personal taxes. Even with a simple partnership, you may want legal advice to draw up a contract between the owners and decide whether all are equal partners or will have unequal percentages in the business dependent on amount invested and management stakes. Limited partnerships and LLPs are more costly to set up and run, but a good idea if there is a risk of litigation and acquired business debts down the road. LPs and LLPs generally have one main partner for investment and management purposes having more control over daily operations and decisions, and then other partners for investment purposes, but with limited control and therefore limited liability to business debts. Corporations and limited liability corporations (LLCs) are even more costly to set up and run, but are worth the extra cost and effort in the long run if you want to protect your personal assets, or have a much more limited liability for the business debts. A corporation is a completely separate legal and tax entity, so the corporation pays its own taxes and is completely separate from the owner's personal taxes, other than reporting the salary they draw from the corporation. A LLC is more like a partnership when it comes to tax reporting, but has the similarity to corporations in terms of its limited liability for business debts and claims. Non-profits are fairly self explanatory because of their association with charitable work and well known tax free status. Cooperatives are common for small food or book stores or work groups for artisans. While they have specific state laws that address them, they are much less common than the others.

          When you consider the complexities of liability, tax, contracts, registering, permits, licensing, and capital; the need for an experienced business attorney is obvious to aid you in starting your dream rather than creating a nightmare trying to figure the laws out on your own. Contact Sherry D. Tavel Firm to get your dream started on the right track.

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